How To Fix Cell Phone Water Damage

You don’t think about how to fix cell phone water damage until you need it. It happens to everyone eventually: you drop your cell phone in a puddle of water, the toilet or kitchen sink. This type of water damage restoration can save your phone and all the information on it.

How to fix a wet cell phone

Dropping your cell phone, laptop computer, iPhone, Blackberry or calculator in the sink or toilet is more common than you might imagine! It is sometimes easy to fix your cell phone when it suffers from water damage.

Trying to repair water damage to these electronic devices is very annoying, and sometimes impossible. It is probably too late to say this, but do not turn it on, just try to dry it out first..

Your Cell Phone Is Wet, How Do You Dry It Out?

Once you learn how to dry out a wet cell phone, iPad, Blackberry or any other electronic device, you will become known as the go-to-guy or gal among your friends. However, be careful not to take the thing apart, you will probably nullify your warranty.

Just do the best you can without actually disassembling it. Here are some possible ways to save your device when it is wet.

Refrigerator trick

To fix water damage to your iPhone or cell phone you can sometimes save it by putting it in the refrigerator! Take the cover off, if you can, remove the battery, and put in in the fridge overnight.

You might get lucky. Refrigerators remove moisture from the enclosed atmosphere and you could save your phone.

Vacuum cleaner trick

Make a small adapter to go on the nozzle of your vacuum hose to get down to the size for a little PDA like yours. With an iPhone, take out the SIM card and start sucking out the moisture.

Some people claim this is much better than using a hair dryer because it takes the moisture away, rather than pushing it away.

Hair dryer trick

Take a hair dryer and try to dry it out. Be careful not to get it too hot though. After this, spray some compressed air into the little earphone hole near the top. Then spray the air into the dock-adapter hole near the bottom. It is certainly worth a try, sometimes it just turns itself back on!

Silica packet trick

Here is a more official sort of repair that often does the trick. Buy some silica packets from a place such as Then put the phone or whatever in a ziplock plastic bag together with the silica and leave it for at least 24 hours.

This will certainly remove a lot of moisture, maybe just what you need to get your iPhone, cell phone or Blackberry going again. You can also get silica packets from the shipping department where you work, if you have such a thing!

Rice trick

This is the same as for the silica, just use rice instead. You can heat up the rice in the oven to recharge it and make it more absorbent. Some people have had success with leaving it in the rice or silica for 36 hours, but that might be hard to manage for some.

With some persistence, you usually can fix your cell phone when it has had water damage, but you might need to try several methods. What do you have to lose, if you cannot fix it, you will have to replace it anyway.