Make sure it is dry before painting

Today’s high quality basement floor paint can help seal your floor and help prevent basement water damage for years. However, you must solve your water problem first, otherwise you are facing a continuous water damage restoration problem.

Learning how to choose and apply basement floor paint takes a little time and research. Hopefully, ou will have a much better idea how to proceed by following the simple advice in this article.

Basement Floor Paint

Basement Floor Paint

Finishing a basement floor can be a difficult process, and often you cannot use the same things as you would for other floors. Basements tend to become damp, and many types of flooring can come loose as a result, which negates all your hard work.

Stop the water damage before you paint

It does little good to try and paint over water damage. I know somebody who spray painted green waterproofing paint over wood that was covered with mold!

Stop Water Damage Before You Paint

Stop Water Damage Before You Paint

Take care of any water damage first

If the moisture is caused by rainfall, it can often be eliminated by cleaning out your rain gutters and routing your downspouts away from the house.

You should then dry out the floor with a dehumidifier before painting. However, if the moisture is seeping in from the bottom, the floor will need to be sealed.

To tell where the problem is coming from, tape a piece of plastic to the floor. If the underside is wet when you lift it,the water is coming from under the floor. If the water is on the top of the plastic, it is caused by condensation.

Finishing Paint on Floor

Finishing Paint on Floor

Once your basement floors are dry, you are ready to start painting. There are a wide variety of ways this can be done. You can use several colors of concrete basement floor paint to create a vinyl or tile look, or you can sponge paint it to look like granite.

Waterproofing basement walls before painting is a good idea as well. You may need to repair any foundation cracks as well. This will help to keep the entire area dry.

If you need a basement sump pump to keep water out, make sure that the area to be painted is able to remain dry before trying to paint.

Quality basement floor paints

Another option is to buy an epoxy kit. This is cheap and easy to apply, and will give you basement floors that are water proof and do not stain.

A few of the more popular paints are: Rust-Oleum EPOXYShield Basement Gray Floor Coating. This is available from almost any good paint store and costs around $48 a gallon. Expensive, but very high quality paint.

Epoxy Shield Basement Floor Coating Kit is another good choice. It sells for about $53 per gallon.

Concrete stain is also becoming more popular. It is water based and can be sprayed on. In addition, many types of designs can be done with it.

Quikrete Basement & Concrete Floor Paint is a great choice. It goes for about $25 a gallon.

Boat deck paint is also a good solution. Because it’s mixed with sand, it creates a non-slip surface and lasts a long time.

In conclusion, painting is a great way to finish basement floors. It is cheaper than other types of flooring and easy to apply. In many cases, it can be done by the homeowner himself.