Real Estate Bargains And Water Damage

It is rather sad, but you can find great real estate bargains from homes that have had extensive water damage. Once you master water damage restoration, you can take the property and turn it into something profitable.

Real estate bargains are always available

There are many real estate bargains for ambitious and enterprising individuals, if you are willing to learn about water damage restoration.

Find great real estate bargain

Find great real estate bargain

Many great properties are overlooked because of the damage, yet the solution is often rather simple.

Understanding Water Damage

You must have a good understanding of water damage if you intend to find real estate bargains that need water damage recovery and restoration.

How to find water damaged real estate bargains

One developer has used basic, common sense to improve the grade and drainage on many properties which had suffered from flooded cellars. By eliminating the source of the water damage he was able to restore the interior and have some very pleasant properties to rent or resell.

Pleasent Property to rent or resell

Pleasent Property to rent or resell

In one case, the entire parking area was actually 12 inches higher than the cellar, and, as a consequence, the house was chronically flooded. The entire cellar had mold and mildew, making it a very undesirable property. That nasty, musty basement smell was everywhere.

He was able to buy the house for a very low price, rent it out for several years, and later make a tidy profit. Once you learn how to get rid of mildew and black mold, master waterproofing basement walls, repair ceiling water damage, and carpet damage, you will have more houses than you can imagine.

Restoration and prevention for real estate bargains

By adding fill dirt with a back hoe and grading the parking area, he was able to change the drainage and save the house from further damage. One easy to use technique is to use a chalk line and level to determine the grade of the lot.

This simple method works well and requires no expertise or special equipment. Water flows downhill, so all you need to do is keep adding fill until the level is tipped away from the house sufficiently.

Fit and function

Houses for Sale

Houses for Sale

Stretch the chalk line across the parking area and line the long plumbers level along the chalk line. Once this is done you need to ensure that the water has an escape route so it can continue draining. Another way to change the elevation of a parking area or driveway is to use cement or blacktop.

By changing the elevation using the above method and adding the surface treatment, such as blacktop, you can be sure of a permanent solution. Sometimes this approach leads to other solutions for the property, such as adding retaining walls or steps in areas that should have already been managed.

These simple, but very effective approaches can be done by the home owner, provided there is a willingness to do the dirty work. For more complicated projects that require heavy equipment, such as a back hoe, you will need to hire an operator, unless you can rent one and operate it on your own.

Real estate bargains are there if you are willing to look and work

Many real estate bargains exist for the entrepreneur willing to take the time and do the work to deal with water damage restoration. These properties are usually shunned by the casual investor because they are unattractive and appear somewhat beyond hope.

Of course, once the water damage recovery is taken care of, you can begin the next task of restoring the interior. The good news is that the cause of the water damage problem is eliminated and you should be able to develop the property and have a very pleasant house.

It is very important to get rid of mildew and that nasty musty basement smell as soon as possible. Few things are as off-putting as these symptoms of water damage.