A true story about black mold

Never underestimate the effects that blackĀ mold can have on your house and your health. Left alone it can make you very sick and make your home uninhabitable. Like any water damage restoration, knowing what to do is half the battle.

Some good friends of mine in New Hampshire lived in a modern house in a nice neighborhood. Everytime I visited them I was surprised at how strong the musty basement smell was.

They had a severe case of water damage and the mold that follows. I mentioned it to the mother and she told me that the entire family had developed runny noses, irritated eyes, sneezing, etc. since living there.

The owner of the house refused to do anything, other than spray Lysol! The owner knew nothing about getting rid of mold and mildew, and could care less! Eventually they had to move and their allergic reactions vanished at once.

I was told the house had been condemned and was to be demolished. This is how bad water damage and mold can become, if left untreated. The real estate value of the house dropped so low, it could not even be sold!

How to deal with water damage and mold

Many people suffer from black mold and allergies, but have no idea that their own house is to blame! Learn how to get rid of black mold and mildew.

Black mold and allergies

The connection between mold and allergies is well known and understood. If you suspect that your house has mold, bacteria or fungi living in it, you need to have it inspected.

I have seen basements with actual mushrooms growing! The owner was told to paint over the basement walls with “special paint.” This was ridiculous and did nothing to solve the problem.

Water damage and mold are serious indications of a big problem and need to be addressed. The time you may experience the most problem with mold is when you are trying to clean it up.

For most people in good health, small amounts of mold spores do not pose a problem. However, for people with allergies or asthma, the reactions can be severe. If the area is small, for example, around a sink or bathtub, you can safely clean the mold.

If the problem is extensive and has spread though a large area, you should get professional help. You must get rid of black mold and mildew if you hope to eliminate that nasty musty basement smell from your home.

Understanding what to do is key to water damage restoration or prevention. Water damage and mold must be taken seriously.

Water damage can greatly affect your property value

Your home is probably the single most expensive thing you will ever own, it just makes sense to take good care of it. Not only can water damage reduce the value of your house, but it can ruin the health of your entire family.

The family mentioned above is a perfect example of somebody who suffered the loss of their house and their health. To this day the children are prone to allergies and frequent colds.

If you smell that musty basement smell in your house, you know for certain that you already have water damage and mold. If this is left untreated the mold spores will spread all over the house.

Eventually you will have to move or gut the house and start all over. It is always easier to use prevention rather than restoration, but then again, human nature tends to put things off until there is a crisis.